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Tips on trends and building your design style

Matt Blashaw shares tips on how to keep up with the latest design trends. Watch the video to learn more about building your design styles.

I get asked the question all the time, “How do you keep up with today’s trends?” I have a lot of pressure on me as a designer to create something beautiful and current. Here are two ways I get inspiration.

Blogs are a great way to stay up to date on style. Interior designer blogs not only give me the thought process behind styling a space but also give me a more in depth look at upcoming trends. Every designer (or design firm) will have a website and almost all of them will have a blog you can subscribe to as well. Simply select the designers that you love the most, search for their website, subscribe to their blogs and you will stay up to date on all their incredible work.

To find designers on Instagram, I will first search for specific hashtags. Some of my favorites are #interior, #interiors and #interiordecor. You will find thousands of different pictures from those searches. When one of the pictures catches your eye, just scroll through the description and you will almost always find the name of the designer. Just click on their username and start following them to see their latest designs and what they are currently working on now. No matter what your style may be, Instagram will be able to inspire you for your next project.

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