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Small business marketing in 15 minutes a day

Small business expert Pam Slim explains all the tools you need to manage marketing in 15 minutes a day. Download the free marketing toolkit.

To get started, download the small business marketing toolkit [PDF, 2.2 MB].

Being a small business owner is one of the most exciting and difficult choices you can make.

Whether you own a brick and mortar business, an online business, or work as a freelancer, the challenges of marketing your business today are vast because there are so many tools, tactics and opportunities.

Your goal is to have marketing as a core, efficient part of your business operations, not an afterthought that you do only when business slows down. It is better to plant small seeds every day than to spend a huge amount of money and effort in short bursts.

This Marketing Toolkit is organized into five steps, designed to help you solve common marketing problems:

  1. Define your best customers to zero in on the people you can best serve, who will be most enjoyable to work with over time.
  2. Establish your tone and style to help you get comfortable with social media and other digital tools that can boost sales for your business efficiently.
  3. Develop your marketing content so your marketing messages are relevant and attractive to your best customers.
  4. Create your marketing calendar to create a consistent order and structure in the way you market, to make it more effective.
  5. Implement measurement and metrics so you stop wasting time on marketing efforts that don’t give you a good return.

While it will take you time to do some analysis and planning up front, once your direction is in place, you should be able to execute marketing activities more quickly, efficiently and effectively — and win more business — as a result. Your best customers await!

To get started, download the small business marketing toolkit [PDF, 2.2 MB].