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6 Tips for small business owners to save time

One skill you need to learn as a small business owner is time management. The perfect time to get better at this is when you're running your own company.
By SmallBizViewpoints with Small Biz Viewpoints

One skill you need to learn as a small business owner is time management. You’re going to get more work done and be that much more productive when you’re conscientious of the clock. The perfect time to get better at this is when you’re running your own company.

You can’t be wasting time or get behind when you’re in charge or all that goes on with your business. Being late for meetings, scrambling to get your work done and always rushing around isn’t a good look. Save yourself time by being proactive about how you go about your days and putting measures in place that allow you to be an effective boss and business owner.

1. Get organized & prioritize

Spend time organizing your belongings and tasks both at home and in the office. It’ll be well worth your efforts when you know where your important files are and don’t have to panic at the last minute when you can’t find them. Also, prioritize prioritizing and make sure you’re tackling the assignments that need to get done first. This way you won’t be as stressed out at the end of the day or week when you didn’t get to all your to-dos. Make sure your office stays neat and clean, and you keep notes that are easily accessible for when you need to refer to them. The last way you want to be spending your time is digging through papers or clicking through random files on your computer to locate what you’re looking for.

2. Hire staff for critical positions

Budgets are tight when you own a small business, so hire for the roles that are necessary for you to fill if you want your business to function properly. Consider bringing onboard a finance director, human resources professional and marketing expert. Take a look at your goals and where the gaps exist for you being able to meet your objectives. Hiring staff to help you out will save you time and allow all the work to get done correctly and by the required deadlines. Start by filling the positions that you need right away and know you can always bring on more people if it makes sense. Trying to do all of the various jobs all by yourself will take up a lot of your time, and the business will likely suffer.

3. Outsource initiatives

One area you can consider outsourcing is your marketing efforts. For example, if you work in financial services and need help, you should look at hiring a Financial Services Marketing agency to take some pressure off your shoulders. They have strategies for bringing in leads that work and will get you the results you desire. Drive business with a little help from experts who do this for a living and watch your business grow. Outsourcing is a smart way to save time and know that the work is going to get done the right way from the start. It will take you letting go a bit and allowing someone else to step in and do their job but realize how much it’s going to take off of your plate and the time it’ll free up for other initiatives.

4. Learn how to delegate

You can’t expect yourself to do it all and remain healthy and happy. Working until midnight each night shouldn’t be an option if you want to have a life outside of work. What you need to do is learn how to delegate and save yourself time and stress. Start trusting your team members and have faith in them that they can do a good job and complete the work to your liking. Know each employee’s strengths and weaknesses, so you can give them assignments that are best suited for each person. Be clear with your instructions, communicate the deadlines and let them know they can come to you with any questions. Don’t expect their work to be perfect the first time around. Have patience and know that with time and practice they’ll be able to deliver work that meets your expectations.

5. Upgrade your technology

One tool that will help save you time and lots of headaches is technology. Invest more of your time, money and energy implementing technology solutions that allow you to work faster and smarter. Making these changes will not only save you time, but your staff will also benefit from the upgrades. The entire company will be more productive and efficient in their daily tasks. This will free up more time for innovation and brainstorming sessions where your employees can be creative and offer up ideas for improvement. Don’t live in the dark ages just because it’s initially cheaper to do so. Think about the long-term benefits of technology enhancements and all the time it’ll save you.

6. Set a leaving time each day

It may seem strange at first that setting a leave time each day will help you save time, but it’s true. This is because your efficiency will improve throughout the day and you’ll get more done because of the structure you created for yourself. Think about how much more work you get done when you’re preparing to leave for a vacation. It’s the same concept, but one you should do each day if you want to get the most out of your workday. You’ll prioritize and waste less time being unproductive if you know you have to exit the office at a certain time. This will also give you more hours in the evening with your family.

Time is a precious commodity when you’re a small business owner. It makes sense that you’d want to do a better job of managing it. Stop making excuses for why you can’t and start implementing changes that allow you to get more done and stress less. It’s worth giving these tips a shot and seeing what sticks and helps you improve the way you work at the office. There’s not much you have to lose if you’re someone who’s finding it difficult to manage their time as it is.


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