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Protecting your investments

Each piece of equipment you purchase is an investment and should be treated as one.

Growing up, my dad instilled in us the importance of taking care of your equipment.

“There is nothing worse than when you go to use something and it doesn’t work or is broken!” – Ed Lambton

The equipment you purchase is an investment and should be treated as one. The longer your equipment lasts, the more opportunities you have to gain a return on your investment.

As a landscaper, I invest in a wide variety of equipment – from mowers and tools to trucks and trailers. I, as part owner, want to make sure that I get the proper return on these investments.

The trucks I purchase are the biggest investment for the business. A landscape pickup or dump truck gets lots of wear and tear. This is due to pulling trailers, carrying heavy loads of materials and the constant stop and go of a typical landscaping workday. By taking care of the trucks, they are less apt to break down. When it’s time to trade them in or sell them, we will get better resale value and will pay less insurance, therefore saving lots of money and headaches. It is important to wash the trucks both inside and out, get regular tune-ups and frequent oil changes. If you take care of the small stuff, it will keep larger problems from developing.

The mowers we use for landscaping have come a long way over the years. When my dad started he simply had a 22-inch push mower. Now our company has mowers that cost over ten thousand dollars each. That is quite an investment but it makes us money every day. We teach our employees to clean and maintain every tool or machine they use at the end of the day. Each tool has its place and all machines get blown and washed off after use. This is important so when we start the day and head to our next job we know our equipment will be working and we won’t be at a standstill trying to repair something. This saves us time and money.

By simply taking some time at the end of each workday to maintain your equipment, you can make your business run smoother and make your investments last longer. After all, there is nothing worse than starting a job and having a piece of equipment fail.