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Social Media

By Pam Slim
Small business expert Pam Slim explains all the tools you need to manage marketing in 15 minutes a day. Download the free marketing toolkit.
By Kaitlyn Hammond
According to Reevoo, shoppers are 67 percent more likely to buy after reading negative reviews as compared to the average shopper, but this only works if you have a strategy to deal with the problem.
By Andrew Gazdecki
You shouldn’t forget to market your amazing small business experience to the outside world. It’s possible to get media coverage if you do these things consistently.
By Peter Szanto
Regardless of business goals for the future, here’s how you can hit the ground running for maximum success.
By Marcia Layton Turner
94 percent of B2B marketers use LinkedIn to distribute content – more than any other platform.
By Chris Lambton
Chris Lambton shares how he grew his family business, while maintaining the personal touch he and his brothers learned from their dad.
By Matt Blashaw
Keep in mind that a thriving business will not happen overnight.
By Jo Lynn Deal
Here’s a look at top features and ideas for using them.
By Brooke B. Sellas
61% of organizations engaged in social selling report a positive impact on revenue growth.
By Joe Phelan
A brand goes a long way to dictating how people perceive a business.
For many small businesses, the hiring stage can make or break their success. Start the process out right and follow these small business hiring tips.
By Amanda Clark
When you see a bad review, don’t panic. Instead, follow these five basic rules.